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Notes of TS3 Rules

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Notes of TS3 Rules

Post by WaKy on Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:02 am

<00:41:59> "Cronuz": Cronuz: if there is to be any trouble with anyones behavior on teamspeak or whatever, i also expect you to take some care of it
Cronuz: guests can be kicked by anyone, and member 1/2 can be kicked by leader and up
Cronuz: member 3/top member/leader by admins only
XPertism: Right.
XPertism: Yeah no problem.
Cronuz: 3* complaint = kick and ban for 10 minutes or so
XPertism: Right.
Cronuz: If you have to ban someone, just give me a message about it
Cronuz: you can find ban list and complaint list in the "tools" bar
Cronuz: None there at the moment
XPertism: Okay, lets hope it stays like that.
Cronuz: We dont hold a grudge, if a rule is broken, penality is issued and we "forget" like nothing happend
Cronuz: rank abuse = de-rank
Cronuz: and most cases are dealt with just saying "please dont do that "
Cronuz: I know your personality should fit right in w
<00:42:43> "Cronuz": Cronuz: and you are free to try to expand this community how you see fit, just give me a little talk about things. ait?
XPertism: Sure. I appreciate it Cronuz. Thanks again you can count on me.
Cronuz: if you see a player more than once, you can make him a member
XPertism: Right.
Cronuz: if you've seen him online for more than a week, give member 2
Cronuz: and i usually see and talk to the person to see how high i want them to be after that =)
XPertism: Sure. Get to know the gamers.
XPertism: No problem.
Cronuz: yeah :-D
Cronuz: We want nice people
Cronuz: and good behavior
XPertism: Agreed.
Cronuz: so that people can have fun
Cronuz: which is why i started this, and to help people connect to other fellows.. which is something im not doing great at..
Cronuz: We (not I) need to get better at making people talk to everyone else etc..



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